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May 20, 2022

It’s not often that “love” is part of a B2B organization’s brand values, but for cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean, it’s at their core. It’s the reason why they have 6K+ ungated online tutorials, why their self-serve motion is here to stay, and why investors are confused when the lion’s share of DigitalOcean’s revenue comes from marketing.

In her time at DigitalOcean, CMO Carly Brantz has helped evolve this idea into a full-fledged brand awareness campaign, leading the charge on the heels of the company’s recent IPO with a rallying cry of “Get Growing.” Tune in to hear Carly talk about how DigitalOcean is making its commitment to growing alongside its customers real, making good on their brand promise in a tactical way that actually matters to their developer audience.

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