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Apr 22, 2017

There are three salient features of creativity, regardless of the form it takes: It’s new, it’s everywhere, and everyone can do it. This week we switch it up on RTU to talk to the expert on creativity, Larry Robertson. Robertson’s latest book, The Language of Man, tackles the biggest myth about creativity, and that’s this notion that only a few rare people are capable of creative genius. In the podcast, Robertson talks about the two sides to each individual: one side (the left brain) is dedicated to order, pragmatics, survival; the other side (right brain) is dedicated to exploring, creativity, and thinking towards the future. Most often we prioritize the side of our brain that is dedicated to order, but Robertson says it’s important to give our creative brains a chance to play and discover as well. Ultimately, there has to be a balance between the two, but everyone is capable and equipped for creative genius.