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Downloaded over 165,000 times, Renegade Thinkers Unite is the #2 podcast for CMOs and aspiring B2B marketing executives. Every week, we cover a hot topic with a seasoned marketer, ranging from strategy to bots, metrics to marketing automation, branding to demand generation and much much more. Listen in and join our community of renegade thinkers. 

Apr 12, 2019

Payroll tends to be a purely transactional moment between employer and employee, but Gusto is working to shift that to being a "life moment," potentially one of delight (as receiving a paycheck should be!). Effectively reaching their audience while balancing internal alignment, a hefty tech stack, and their mission...

Mar 6, 2019

Surveys can provide a wealth of data on any sort of topic. But there is an art to crafting the perfect survey, one that invites honest and valuable feedback without steering the respondents, and doesn't damage the responses by overwhelming the survey takers.

Leela Srinivasan, CMO of SurveyMonkey, took some time...

Jan 4, 2019

Shakespeare once wrote, "To thine own self, be true." In that spirit, RTU host Drew Neisser did something a little out of the ordinary.

Now, some people might consider talking to yourself for 30+ minutes to be a little crazy, but not Drew Neisser. In one of the most unusual Renegade Thinkers Unite episodes to date, Drew...